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a. Medical record codes, how are they updated, what type of rules are pre-populated?

Medical record codes for ICD-9, ICD-10, CPT-4, RxNORM, SNOMED-CT, and LOINC are updated biannually.   While no rules are pre-populated, data relationships governed by the needs of an institution or a reporting function can be incorporated in MediSapien.  As a result of this and given the highly structured nature of the MediSapien database, one can, for instance, run a query to identify all documents for which no diagnoses given in the Assessment section of the document are on the list of approved diagnoses for the CPT-4 code(s) given in the Plan section of the document. 

b. How up to date is the tool? How are the latest medical diagnoses codes maintained and updated in the system?

At the time of its release, the next version of MediSapien will contain all of the latest coding vocabularies available, for the vocabularies listed above. 

c. Experience and number of installations? 

MediSapien currently processes the encounter documents of thousands of physicians who are transcription clients of ZyDoc and enables a portion of the physicians to view the output on MediSapien's web-based platform.   These physicians practice in a wide diversity of specialties and in both inpatient and ambulatory settings.  MediSapien is currently operating in pilot programs with billing and analytics companies.  

d. What is the data volume capacity?

MediSapien's volume capacity can be scaled by running as many simultaneous threads of the process as are required and applying additional processing power as required.  ZyDoc's data center is prepared to increase the volume of MediSapien processing such as to reach a volume of hundreds of thousands of documents per day.